Best Practices to Boost Engagement on Instagram

Whether you're a business owner or simply interested in boosting your personal profile, you've probably thought about how you can increase your engagement on Instagram. First off, what exactly is engagement? You may be surprised to hear it's not at all about the number of followers you have. Engagement comes down to how involved your audience is with your published content. Are they liking, commenting, sharing and saving your posts? Or, are they simply scrolling past them. Here's five things you can start doing today to help boost your engagement on Instagram.

  • Be consistent— You've probably heard this before, but it's true! This doesn't mean you have to post every single day. It does however mean you should be posting the same amount of times week after week. Whether that's 3x a week or 5x a week, you'll need to do some experimenting to find your sweet spot.

  • Create Instagram carousels— Carousels are a great way to increase your engagement.

  • Use relevant hashtags— Using hashtags is a great way to increase your reach.

  • Provide value

  • Be authentic

These are just a couple of areas in which you can boost engagement on Instagram. There are plenty of other things you should keep in mind. Posting at peak times, using user-generated content and creating an optimized bio!

Instagram offers professional users a detailed analytic dashboard known as "insights". This tool can be extremely helpful in identifying what content your audience is engaging with the most and when your audience is online. Integrating these tips into your Instagram strategy through authentic content will not only resonate with your target audience but naturally boost your engagement.

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